Polarn O. Pyret

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Warm, slick gloves – ideal for skiing! The gloves are made from windproof and waterproof fabric, and have a soft fleece lining. They have warm Primaloft Gold ECO padding and pre-shaped fingers for greater freedom of movement. The long and extra wide shaft makes the gloves easy to put on, and the adjustable strap around the wrists allow for the perfect fit. The gloves feature reflectors on the top, and Grip Control Primaloft padding and a grip-friendly surface on the palms, which provides better comfort and grip for ski poles, for example. In sizes 5 and 6, it is a good idea to wear the gloves with our wristband. Outerwear that is marked PO.P WeatherPRO® fulfills all of our requirements for functional outerwear with regards to durability, water tightness, breathability and safety. With outerwear that is marked PO.P WeatherPRO®, you are always guaranteed: Country of manufacture: China Factory: Jining Delin Glove Products Co. Ltd. Read more at https://www.polarnopyret.com/pop-cares/our-suppliers
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Polarn o. pyret

Í yfir 40 ár hefur POLARN O. PYRET sérhæft sig í að gera góð og vönduð barnaföt. Föt sem vaxa með barninu. Sérhönnuð snið, fallegir litir og lífræn efni sem eru góð fyrir barnið og jörðina.


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