New Feet sandalar

SKU: NEW191-29-110

Sandal with adjustable heel strap. Smooth calf skin. Rubber outsole with good footing. Removable 6mm Protector ™ insole. New Feet's footwear targets people with diabetes, arthritis and sensitive feet and differs from regular factory-made shoes by: • Optimal shock absorption - all models have a 6 mm removable Protektor® insole with PPT® • Wide forefoot & high stability • Soft padded leather and selected waistband materials • Moisture-wicking and friction-damping lining • No internal annoying seams • OrthoStretch ™ is specially designed to make the shoes flexible so that they adapt to sensitive feet • The footwear can easily be adapted to the individual - eg. are the extra long velcro straps that short and the heel cup is thermoplastic • Only colored leather is used • All components of the footwear are manufactured according to EU standards and environmental requirements. • Good room for individual posts
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