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Kastehelmi skál 23 cl cranberry

SKU: 5759387435167

Oiva Toikka The groundbreaking raised droplet design of Kastehelmi came from legendary designer Oiva Toikka’s search to find a way to hide joint marks in glass. Kastehelmi (“dewdrop” in Finnish) features rings of raised glass droplets that resemble strings of dewdrops glistening under the morning sun. The beloved Kastehelmi collection offers a wide range of playful pieces that are both functional and decorative. Each distinct yet versatile piece plays with light, bringing out the reflective beauty of the glass. The delicate yet durable Kastehelmi bowl is perfect for a hearty breakfast, snacks, sides and displaying candy. Cool grey adds contemporary sophistication to any table setting. Collect a set. Great gift idea. Dishwasher safe.
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