Polarn O. Pyret

Vatns- og vindheldur skeljakki WPRO

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Shell: 100% Polyester Lining: 100% Polyamide Recycled lining Durable windproof and waterproof shell jacket – the ideal garment for outdoor play! The jacket is made of a durable fabric with good breathability. It has a striped mesh lining and a detachable hood that is fastened with snaps. The hood is also adjustable and has elastic edging. The elastic cuffs are adjusted using Velcro straps, and the pre-shaped sleeves allow for a perfect fit. The taped seams make the jacket completely waterproof, and the storm flap on the outside and inside of the zipper provides extra protection against cold air and wet weather. The storm flap is also lined with soft fleece on the upper part. The unique snap solution makes it easy to attach our wind fleece. Layer 3 - outer layer that retains warmth and protects against all weather conditions. The jacket also features the following: • Adjustable, elastic cuffs • Two side pockets • Mesh lining in our classic stripes • Recycled polyester lining • Adjustable hemline • Fleece-lined cuffs. Outerwear that is marked PO.P WeatherPRO® fulfills all of our requirements for functional outerwear with regards to durability, water tightness, breathability and safety. With outerwear that is marked PO.P WeatherPRO®, you are always guaranteed.
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Polarn o. pyret

Í yfir 40 ár hefur POLARN O. PYRET sérhæft sig í að gera góð og vönduð barnaföt. Föt sem vaxa með barninu. Sérhönnuð snið, fallegir litir og lífræn efni sem eru góð fyrir barnið og jörðina.


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